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CarPlay Just Got Better With Apple News and Apple News+

Apple’s CarPlay is the best thing to happen to car entertainment systems since the speaker, and people are quite satisfied with it:

“iOS 14 is now available for download on the iPhone 6s and newer, and needless to say, this is one highly anticipated release, all thanks to the many new features that are included.”

The thing that makes this much sweeter is that now, CarPlay users can listen to Apple News and Apple News+ on their device, as well. This feature was being rolled out step by step, according to some who said they noticed the new feature back in iOS 13.6, whereas others report to have not seen the feature until the most recent release of iOS 14.

Either way, now CarPlay users are granted access to Apple’s prestigious digital news and entertainment publication service in full band. This following the news that Apple became the most valuable public company ever, back in late July early August. The tech company continues to push the limits, and cater to their consumers by providing Apple News+ now fully rolled out as of the newest iOS release, iOS 14. 

But why is this so great? Well, it’s because “subscribers can now listen to audio stories with zero distraction, just like they’d be listening to their favorite music powered by the likes of Spotify and Apple Music.” ( 

What is Apple News?

Apple News+ is essentially an Apple user’s one-stop shop for the world’s most popular news and magazine publications, bringing a personalized, curated list of news and entertainment and audio stories to the user’s fingertips. Listening progress can also be synced across different devices. Start listening to a story in the house, and continue right where you left off, as you dip into the car on your way to the office.

“We’re committed to supporting quality journalism, and with Apple News+, we want to celebrate the great work being done by magazines and news outlets.”

Lauren Kern, Editor-in-chief of Apple News

It Works With Regular Apple News

Of course you get more with Apple News+, but you don’t need it to get Apple News in your car with CarPlay!

Apple News+ includes titles such as the likes of The Atlantic, Better Homes & Gardens, Bon Appétit, Condé Nast Traveler, ELLE, Entertainment Weekly, ESPN The Magazine, Esquire, Food & Wine, Good Housekeeping, GQ, Health, InStyle, Martha Stewart Living, National Geographic, New York Magazine, The New Yorker to name a few, as well as The Wall Street Journal.

“We think the breadth and quality of publications within Apple News+ will encourage more people to discover stories and titles they may never have come across before.”

I remember seeing these big name magazines sprawled out on the table at home when I was younger. Now that the digital age is upon us, it’s to see them still going strong, and being adapted to the new age in digital format, and enhanced by a company like Apple.

CarPlay Continues to Stay Ahead

With this news, the Apple CarPlay experience just got better. Staying up-to-date with the world’s most popular publications brings more sophistication to the CarPlay experience. CarPlay isn’t just another app: it’s one’s key to the world. 

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Spotify Pushes into CarPlay’s Music Turf

Not surprisingly, Spotify has risen in status to the most popular music app around, including both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Interestingly, Spotify has become so popular lately since there are so many other options in music, including Apple Music and Deezer. However, much of Spotify’s success has to do with its innovation. Back in October 2019, Spotify finally received full Siri integration, and now, Spotify is offering a new “car mode” that has everybody buzzing. 

Spotify and Siri

In October 2019, Spotify announced that iOS lovers can now use Siri together with Spotify. The lack of functionality that existed between Spotify and Apple previously was a source of some stress for both parties. Finally, the two decided to set aside their differences and work together, realizing the potential benefits for both companies. 

Before Apple and Spotify buried the hatched, only Apple Music worked with Siri. However, everything changed back in October 2019 when Apple introduced the SiriKit to iOS 13. Spotify moved quickly to use those functions, and now, after you’ve performed the update, you’ll be able to use Spotify with Siri’s voice commands. 

However, the introduction of Siri into Spotify isn’t the only achievement that we’ve seen from Spotify recently. Recently, Spotify has been the source of a lot of speculation because of the app’s unique car mode feature.

Spotify and Car Mode

Not only can you now use Siri with Spotify, but you can also get your very own car view when you install Spotify. Now, precisely what do we mean by a “car view?” If your car doesn’t have the latest infotainment system, like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, or if you are one of those people that prefers to live on his or her phone, then Spotify has a solution for you. 

By using Spotify on a car that lacks an infotainment system, Spotify’s app will now create its own “car view” so that you have an interface similar to the Apple CarPlay or Android Auto interface. By offering a feature like this, where users that lack an infotainment system can still play music from their Spotify app as if they had one, the expectation is that Spotify is likely to boom even more significantly than it already has.

Spotify is already the most popular music app in the world. By offering its car mode through the app, we can only imagine how much larger Spotify will become once their updated app takes off. 

What You’ll See with Spotify’s Car Mode

If you use Spotify’s car mode, you’ll see a dumbed-down version of the original Spotify menu that’s meant to be more comfortable for drivers to use while they are on-the-go. The icons and the text are blown up so that drivers have easier access to them. Since January 2019, this feature has been available in the app. However, it appears that Spotify has several other plans for this app now that it’s been released. 

Spotify is currently working on improving its car mode for the future. For example, Spotify plans to expand its update into podcasts so that there will also be larger icons and easy-to-read artwork, making things easier on drivers. However, nobody quite knows when Spotify intends to release their improvements. However, most people expect Spotify to complete their modifications and then introduce another update later on in 2020. 

CarPlay Apps

What Are CarPlay Apps?

If you haven’t used Apple CarPlay, then you’re missing out on the latest bit of technology that’s designed to keep you safe while you drive. Unfortunately, in today’s technology-driven society, many people are addicted to their cell phones and cannot exist without their devices, even for a few minutes. Nowhere is this addiction more life-threatening than when you are driving. And that’s why Apple came out with CarPlay.

Using Apple CarPlay, you’ll be able to access certain safe apps on your iPhone while you are driving. Although you could use a car holder and mount your phone instead, there are consequences to mounting your phone. First, if you use a car mount, your notifications could still distract you while you are driving. Second, you’ll only be able to see a tiny screen, so you won’t be able to access many of your apps while you drive, anyway. 

However, with Apply CarPlay, you’ll be able to easily navigate Maps, safely reply to messages, select a song to listen to, and ask Siri questions, all while remaining hands-free.

CarPlay apps are a subset of iOS apps. They are regular iPhone apps that run on iPhones but made to run inside the CarPlay environment and are thus available on your car’s CarPlay screen.

You download them onto your iPhone just like any other iPhone app — by using the App Store.

Using Apple CarPlay Apps

When it comes to using apps in CarPlay, you won’t need to install anything into CarPlay. You download the apps that work with CarPlay on your iPhone. Then, when you connect your iPhone to CarPlay, you should be able to see all of your compatible apps on your CarPlay screen when you first start your car. 

CarPlay functions well with many apps you’ll find in your iOS-like Phone, Music, Messages, and Maps. However, CarPlay isn’t designed to only function with the most essential apps. Instead, CarPlay can also work well with several third-party apps, including iHeart Radio, WhatsApp, Audible, and Spotify. 


If you’re looking for a fantastic navigation app because you want something else besides Maps, then you can download a third-party app like Waze, for instance. Many people prefer Waze over Maps because Waze includes warnings about when police officers and accidents are both nearby. Keep in mind that you’ll need to be using iOS 12 and above to use any third-party navigation tool other than maps. 


Or, if you want to use a third-party music app like Pandora, then you need to download the app on your iPhone and select it the next time you use CarPlay. Once you’ve done that, you can switch from Apple Music to Pandora by merely selecting the app on your CarPlay screen. You should also ensure that you have iOS 12 and above before you do this. 

However, if you prefer using Apple Music because you have a subscription, then you can play songs using Siri when you are plugged into CarPlay. You can also play podcasts and audiobooks on CarPlay, too. 

Compared to Google’s “free” offering of apps on Android Auto, Apple is more restrictive and careful. That’s why so many of your apps for your iPhone won’t work well with CarPlay. Apple’s primary focus on CarPlay is the safety of the driver, so not every app you love will be safe enough to qualify for CarPlay.

CarPlay Apps CarPlay News

CarPlay News February 2020

CarPlay Apps

CarPlay Compatible Apps Page is Updated

The list grows! And for good reason… CarPlay is in more cars and SUVs than ever before. Automobiles rolling off the factory floor are now more likely to have CarPlay than not in 2019, a tipping point that will only accelerate the adoption of CarPlay by developers.

CarPlay Apps CarPlay Audiobooks App — How it Works

Love listening to audiobooks when you are taking a long-distance road trip? Check out It’s a competitor to Apple’s native Books app, which is the gold standard of audiobook listening in CarPlay.

Whether you’re taking your daily work commute or driving on a long-distance road trip, audiobooks can give you a nice respite to enjoy while you’re on-the-go. Sometimes, we need a break from music and other times, we simply want to catch up on the hottest book best sellers when we don’t have time to sit down and read them. Now there is good news for those of you that are too busy to sit down and relax with your book. You can hear the latest bestseller by listening to on Apple CarPlay while you drive.

What Does Have to Offer? offers a good deal of titles, with a library that contains more than 60,000 audiobooks. That selection covers genres including business, romance, fiction, sci-fi & fantasy, horror, mystery, and the other dozen or so standard categories of literature.

While the prices of their audiobooks varies depending on the title and the publisher, most books cost less than ten dollars.

With thousands of best-selling titles, you’ll be able to select from hundreds of new releases each week. You’ll love how much reading you’ll get done while you are on your daily commute using with Apple CarPlay while you are in your vehicle.

First Book is Free

A standard in the industry, your first audiobook is free. Plus, now that is compatible with CarPlay, you’ll be able to easily listen to your audiobooks while you are on the road. allows you to download your audiobooks right to your Apple mobile device, which you can then connect to CarPlay to listen to while you drive. You’ll be able to stream audiobooks anytime, anywhere over Wi-Fi and mobile.

You can also rate and review your audiobooks anytime you want to without leaving the app. You’ll be able to stream the audiobooks anytime, too so that you won’t need to use your device’s storage space when you listen to your books.

How do I listen to an audiobook using CarPlay?

You can listen to your downloaded audiobooks in your car or stream them over Wi-Fi and data when you hook your iPhone up to your Apple CarPlay. Here are the steps:

  • First, plug your iPhone into the smartphone unit in your car.
  • The CarPlay home screen should appear, but if it doesn’t, select the CarPlay logo on your infotainment screen’s touchscreen display.
  • Select the app. You might need to swipe to the right to view the app.
  • Next, tap on “My Library.”
  • Select a title from the “My Library” screen.
  • After that, you should be able to play the title.
CarPlay Apps

MLB At Bat on CarPlay

Baseball lovers can now experience their favorite sport on CarPlay with’s app, At Bat. If you love to listen to baseball coverage while you’re driving, the MLB app is the best solution, bar none.’s At Bat now boasts CarPlay integration. Depending on how much baseball you listen to, you might need to subscribe to’s At Bat and pay for more access. We’ll cover some of those options below. Subscription Fee

With At Bat, you can listen to one Major League Baseball game for free with what MLB calls Gameday Audio: Home, Away and Spanish-language (where available) radio broadcasts

If you want to hear more than just one game, then you can get unlimited listening access with At Bat Premium for $2.99/month or $19.99 annually. If you go the subscription route, you’ll get access to more than just game audio including baseball news, updated stats, video, and more.

For obvious reasons, video is not available when the app is used with CarPlay.

With the subscription service, you’ll get plenty of listening options with CarPlay. While you can’t watch games as you drive, you could still use your subscription to watch games at home.

Should You Subscribe to MLB?

If you tend to also watch a lot of baseball when you’re not driving, forking over the subscription’s twenty bucks means you can watch live games on your iPad and iPhone, including the Game of the Day. If you subscribe to MLB.TV Premium, you’ll be able to also watch out-of-market games as well.

Subscription benefits:

  • Replay clips
  • Gameplay explanations
  • Enhanced pitch-by-pitch
  • Support for many devices
  • Condensed game views
  • Breaking baseball news
  • Easy-to-follow baseball statistics
  • A customizable home screen so you can more easily follow your favorite team on your phone or tablet
  • Video library archives you can search by player, team, or keyword
  • Access to a classic video library showing historical moments in baseball
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Spotify Stations Updated to Work With CarPlay

For all of you music lovers out there, you’ll get a lot of use from Spotify, which is one of the leaders in the music streaming service industry. If you’re a Spotify fan and you’re dying to listen to your favorite Spotify music with your Apple CarPlay, then you’re in luck. Spotify recently updated its Spotify Stations app for iOS so that it’s supported on CarPlay. Now you can take control of playback directly from your CarPlay head unit rather than having to mess around with your iPhone to access Spotify while you drive.

What We Love About Spotify Stations

One of the best things about Spotify Stations for CarPlay is its simplicity. When we first played around with it, we thought it seemed relatively basic. However, now that we’ve had some time to experience Spotify Stations, we realize the beauty of this simplicity. When you first access Spotify Stations, you’ll see a list of stations you can pick from. That list of stations is very similar to the iOS counterpart we are all already used to, but Spotify is now more car-friendly than what it used to be.

Spotify’s brilliant move of making their CarPlay version of Spotify Stations resemble the familiar iOS version means there is nothing new to learn here when you want to select a station. And the easier it is to use something, the more likely people are to use it. That’s certainly true of our experience with Spotify Stations.

What You’ll Get with Spotify Stations

The new Spotify Stations app was originally launched in the United States. With this app, you’ll get:

  • A radio-centric listening experience.
  • Easy-to-access radio stations that feature your favorite artists.
  • Access to things like favorites, acoustic hits, and more.
  • A set-up that is familiar to users.

Another great feature of Spotify Stations is the fact that the app will adapt to your musical tastes and requests the more often you use it. So, even when you can’t think of a song you might want to hear, Spotify Stations will have you covered. You won’t even need to type or search once Spotify Stations learns enough about what you like. After the app gets to know you, it will make stations featuring all of your favorite songs.

Competing with Pandora

Spotify Stations was obviously created to compete with Pandora, which it successfully does. However, Spotify Stations offers something Pandora doesn’t have yet, which makes Spotify Stations all that more attractive. In comparison to Pandora, Spotify Stations is able to offer you a more personalized listening experience. As long as you use Spotify Stations for on-demand music listening while you drive, the app will start adapting to you and giving you playlists and stations filled with all of your favorites.

Like Pandora, Spotify Stations was created for users that don’t want to have to lift a finger while they rock out. Of course, not wanting to touch anything while you drive and listen to music keeps everybody safe on the road, and that’s what Apple’s CarPlay is all about.

Stations can be downloaded for free on an iPhone with iOS 11.4 or later. If you don’t want to hear any ads, you’ll need to pay a $9.99 per month subscription fee.

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Google Maps Adds Speed Limit And Speed Camera Locations

A Google spokesperson said the speed limit service is currently live in the U.S., U.K. and Denmark. In the US, select regions have had this for six months or more, making me wonder what’s wrong with my region. *sniff*

Google has begun rolling out speed limit and speed camera indicators in Google Maps

Simultaneously, Waze Makes Speed Limit Indicator Changes

Probably because Waze is a Google product, it’s done the same. The two apps might share code, and they almost certainly share data services (mapping data, this new speed limit and camera location data, etc.).

Speed Limit Notifications in Apple Maps

They’ve been around since at least November, 2017, despite some hiccups a year ago with the rollout of iOS 12.

CarPlay Apps CarPlay Audiobooks

Listening to Your Audiobooks with Audible

If you’re one of those individuals that enjoys listening to audiobooks while driving, then Amazon’s Audible app provides you with a great feature to enjoy some of your favorite stories. If you tend to commute long distances to get to work or you’re taking a long road trip, you might start getting bored by your playlist. When that happens, playing some Audible audiobooks in your vehicle while you are on the road offers a nice way to pass the time. If you’re the type of person that enjoys learning new things daily, then Audible just might be the way to go.

It can feel overwhelming sometimes to figure out how to play audiobooks on a car’s infotainment center. However, the good news is that Audible now works easily with CarPlay. We’ve got the breakdown on Audible for CarPlay here, and we’ve also included some helpful steps to get you going with Audible on your daily commute.

Audible on CarPlay

Since the iOS 8.4 update, CarPlay has supported its iOS Audible app. So, as long as you have that update or higher on your iPhone, you have the ability to hear your Audible audiobooks while you drive your vehicle. The app you’ll want to use is the latest “Audiobooks for Audio” app for CarPlay, which will allow you to listen to your audiobooks easily.

Since the iOS 8.4 update, Audible became one of just a few third-party apps that were approved by Apple to work with their CarPlay system. Since the release of Apple’s CarPlay, Apple has kept control over what apps work with CarPlay, mostly citing safety concerns.

So, for a long time now, only certain audio-based apps were designed and approved by Apple to work with CarPlay. Along with Audible, users can also take advantage of a few other third-party apps like iHeartRadio, Spotify, Overcast, and a few others.

With Audible, you can instantly play a wide variety of different audiobooks with the app. Audible has one of the largest selections around for CarPlay streaming, so if you love audiobooks, you’ll love using Audible with CarPlay.

It’s Not a Closed System

It’s not a closed system, meaning you can listen to audiobooks you’ve downloaded via iTunes, for instance. Just make sure you’ve set iTunes up top.

Just make sure you’ve set iTunes up top.

The second I did that, my whole audiobook library was immediately accessible. How does the Audible app stack up against Apple’s native Audiobooks app? We’re going to do some testing and get back to you on this with a new post: Audiobooks vs. Audible: Which App is Best for Audiobook Listening?

How to Listen to Audible with CarPlay

It’s very simple to listen to Audible if you have Apple CarPlay in your car. We’ve got the steps below:

  • First, open Audible on your iPhone.
  • After you’ve selected Audible on your iPhone, plug your iPhone into the USB interface provided in your vehicle. You should see a CarPlay or smartphone icon label on the port you use to kick off CarPlay in your car.
  • Your vehicle’s infotainment system should detect your phone and switch to CarPlay.
  • Go to the CarPlay home screen area. Tap right to view Audible as a choice.
  • Tap on the Audible app on your CarPlay home screen.
  • After tapping Audible, go to “My Library” in the Audible app.
  • From the “My Library” area of the Audible app, you can select a book to play in your car.
  • Once you select a book, hit play, and you’ll hear your audiobook streaming in your car.