CarPlay Compatible Apps

Last updated: October 10, 2019[the_ad id=”1321″]

Wondering what apps work with Apple CarPlay? Look no further! Below you’ll find every CarPlay-supported app we’re aware of, as well as notes on compatibility, and whether it’s an Apple-sourced app.

  App Developer Compatibility Notes
Waze Google Full  
BBC Sounds BBC Full successor to iPlayer; see BBC Sounds’ page
BBC iPlayer BBC Full deprecated, successor is Sounds; see BBC iPlayer’s page
Calendar Apple Full Finally available on CarPlay with iOS 13, syncs nicely with Maps
LiveXLive LiveXLive Media Full Live events streaming, see the page
Google Maps Google Full  
Maps Apple Full  
Apple Music Apple Full  
Apple Audiobooks Apple Full  
Apple Podcasts Apple Full  
Phone Apple Full  
Messages Apple Full  
iHeartRadio 3rd Party Full  
WhatsApp 3rd Party Full  
Spotify 3rd Party Full  
Stitcher 3rd Party Full Radio, podcasts, live audio
CBS Radio 3rd Party Full  
Overcast 3rd Party Full 3rd Party Full  
Audible 3rd Party Full  
Pandora 3rd Party Full  
Slacker Radio 3rd Party Full  
NPR One 3rd Party Full  
Clammr 3rd Party Full  
Downcast 3rd Party Full  
Radio Disney 3rd Party Full  
Amazon Music 3rd Party Full  
Google Play Music 3rd Party Full  
SiriusXM Radio 3rd Party Full  
Tidal 3rd Party Full Subscribers have access to My Collection and a special Explore section
MLB At Bat 3rd Party Part Subscribers can listen to current games
Notes Apple Part Can record notes via Siri to view later
Libby 3rd Party Part Can listen to recordings, fast forward, and rewind, but limited functionality otherwise
Castro 3rd Party Full  
TuneIn Radio 3rd Party Full  
VOX 3rd Party Full  
Acast 3rd Party Full Streaming podcasts
Radio DeeJay 3rd Party Full Live and on-demand programming
Pocket Casts 3rd Party Full Streaming podcasts
Orange Radio 3rd Party Full Radio stations and podcasts
NBA App 3rd Party Likely Partial Many users report issues. Game highlights?
Mixcloud 3rd Party Full Radio, DJ mixes, and podcasts
Google Play Music Google Full Available options include Home, Music Library, Stations, and Recent
Free Audiobooks 3rd Party Full  
Digital Concert Hall 3rd Party Part Can listen to favorites or from the library
Deezer 3rd Party Part CarPlay is only available to Premium+ and Elite subscribers
audioBoom 3rd Party Full Podcasts and serials
Dash Radio 3rd Party Full Radio and DJs
Anchor 3rd Party Part Can listen to audio, but not record
Zoom Cloud Meetings  3rd Party Part  Can call Zoom contacts, accept Zoom meeting invitations, and mute during a call.