MLB At Bat on CarPlay

Baseball lovers can now experience their favorite sport on CarPlay with’s app, At Bat. If you love to listen to baseball coverage while you’re driving, the MLB app is the best solution, bar none.’s At Bat now boasts CarPlay integration. Depending on how much baseball you listen to, you might need to subscribe to’s At Bat and pay for more access. We’ll cover some of those options below. Subscription Fee

With At Bat, you can listen to one Major League Baseball game for free with what MLB calls Gameday Audio: Home, Away and Spanish-language (where available) radio broadcasts

If you want to hear more than just one game, then you can get unlimited listening access with At Bat Premium for $2.99/month or $19.99 annually. If you go the subscription route, you’ll get access to more than just game audio including baseball news, updated stats, video, and more.

For obvious reasons, video is not available when the app is used with CarPlay.

With the subscription service, you’ll get plenty of listening options with CarPlay. While you can’t watch games as you drive, you could still use your subscription to watch games at home.

Should You Subscribe to MLB?

If you tend to also watch a lot of baseball when you’re not driving, forking over the subscription’s twenty bucks means you can watch live games on your iPad and iPhone, including the Game of the Day. If you subscribe to MLB.TV Premium, you’ll be able to also watch out-of-market games as well.

Subscription benefits:

  • Replay clips
  • Gameplay explanations
  • Enhanced pitch-by-pitch
  • Support for many devices
  • Condensed game views
  • Breaking baseball news
  • Easy-to-follow baseball statistics
  • A customizable home screen so you can more easily follow your favorite team on your phone or tablet
  • Video library archives you can search by player, team, or keyword
  • Access to a classic video library showing historical moments in baseball

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Ed Funderburk says:

I have subscribed to MLB At Bat via Apple but my Apple CarPlay won’t allow access to use the app. I get a message that says “subscription required” with no steps to address the issue. Very frustrating.

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