Apple Maps vs. Waze

Like the Waze news we reported over the summer, Waze is on CarPlay! As part of the iOS 12 update, Apple opened mapping to 3rd party apps. Google Maps was on the next day. Waze followed a few days later. So before you switch, you might want our breakdown on Apple Maps vs. Waze.

After Google Maps appeared on CarPlay as part of iOS 12, Waze has now become available as a navigation alternative on Apple’s CarPlay. Follow along for how to replace Apple Maps with Waze on CarPlay.

Waze is a popular choice for navigation with its smart routing features based around crowdsourcing data from its users. Known for its real-time traffic reports, users get alerts on upcoming police officers, construction, accidents, and more.

It also features the ability to toggle a light or dark mode and change the appearance of your “car” in the app.

So how does Waze compare to the native Apple Maps? We show you in this Apple Maps vs. Waze on CarPlay feature list:

Apple Maps Waze
touch-drag car display yes yes (laggy)
double tap to zoom yes no
voice destination entry yes yes
automatic dark mode at night yes no yes*
on screen keyboard entry no yes
situational reporting no yes
hazard alerts yes yes
police alerts no yes
heavy traffic alerts ? yes
output voice on or off on, alerts only, off
output voice choices
yes, globally on the iPhone
end guidance term “End” “Stop”
alternate routes only if heavy traffic
yes, tap the double arrow icon at top
alternate route live suggestions yes yes
3D visuals yes no
best time to leave no yes

* UPDATE Initially, we had this marked “no”, because activating the headlights did nothing to change the mode. Interestingly, Waze’s dark mode is keyed (no pun intended) to the time of day. Apple Map’s dark mode is keyed to the position of the headlight switch. Ostensibly, Waze’s dark mode would be region specific, because sunset moment occurs at different times across the globe.

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