What Is Android Auto?

It’s the only other competitor to Apple’s CarPlay

Android Auto is a type of infotainment system for vehicles that integrates with the vehicle’s display and Bluetooth, and is based on the Android operating system.

Android Auto is a mobile operating system developed by Google to be used within automobiles. With this, you can access all your favorite apps and music without taking your eyes off the road.

Android Auto is a system that integrates smartphones with cars and allows drivers to use their phones in the car.

The car’s display becomes a touch screen interface for Android Auto. The driver controls the interface either by touching the screen or by speaking commands. Drivers can also connect to their car from an app on their phone.

Some of the features available are music streaming, phone calls, maps, news reports and more.

Android Auto is a mobile operating system developed by Google to be used within automobiles. In this way, drivers can access their favorite apps and music without taking their eyes off the road.

This technology is becoming increasingly popular in the automotive industry since it has been shown that it reduces distracted driving significantly. With Android Auto, drivers are able to keep their focus on driving and not on using their devices while they are in motion.

The main functionality of Android Auto is to display phone content on the car’s touchscreen. If you take only 1 thing away from this, take that.

It can also be used as a virtual assistant through voice commands for navigation, making calls, and sending messages. It also supports Android Auto apps that drivers can download from Google Play store.

Android Auto in a car

Android Auto is a version of Android, which is designed to be used in cars. It can be accessed through a dashboard or by connecting a device via USB.

Some of the major features of Android Auto

  • Multi-tasking: you can use your navigation while listening to music without any interruption. This feature will soon be available on most Android phones.
  • Google Maps: this app has easy to use navigation and voice control.
  • Queueing up songs: if you want to play your playlist but not sure about what song to play next then queueing up the next one is perfect for you.
  • Texts from voice recognition software: if someone texts you while driving then it will automatically read out the text so that you know who it is and what

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