Jaguar Apple CarPlay: Everything You Need to Know

Are you considering purchasing a new Jaguar that offers Apple CarPlay? If so, then you’ll be delighted to know that Jaguar recently embraced offering CarPlay options. Many of you probably already know that it took Jaguar some time to offer CarPlay, so they don’t offer as complete of a list as some other car manufacturers. However, the Jaguar list of models that offer CarPlay continues to grow, and Jaguar is already working on extending their CarPlay options to other models.

What Jaguar Models Include Apple CarPlay?

Although it took some time for Jaguar to warm up to Apple CarPlay, this car manufacturer has already “jumped on the bandwagon” so to speak. Jaguar is promising to increase its selection of car models with Apple CarPlay. For now, here is the current list:

  • 2019 E-Pace
  • 2019 F-Pace
  • 2019 I-Pace
  • 2019 F-Type
  • 2019 XE
  • 2019 XF
  • 2019 XJ

How Much Does CarPlay Cost?

Jaguar, unlike BMW, does not make CarPlay users pay for a subscription service to utilize CarPlay. So, there is no monthly or yearly charge for continuous use of CarPlay in your Jaguar. However, Jaguar does make you purchase an additional option to have CarPlay in several of its cars. So, depending on your car model, if you want CarPlay in your car, you may have to pay for an optional Smartphone Pack. The optional Smartphone Pack’s price runs about $300. CarPlay must be purchased as an additional option on certain 2019 model cars, mainly those vehicles that come with either JLR’s InControl Touch Pro or Touch Pro Dual infotainment units with InControl Apps and WiFi. However, on Jaguar’s 2019 L-Pace electric SUV, CarPlay is now standard, so you won’t have to pay $300 for the CarPlay option if you purchase this car.

I Don’t Have CarPlay, Can I Get a Jaguar CarPlay Upgrade?

If you have a Jaguar model that’s older than a 2019 option and you want CarPlay in your vehicle, you’ll be running into some compatibility issues. However, that’s not supposed to be a discouraging revelation, since you do have possibilities. If you’re trying to upgrade your car at a dealer, you’ll probably hear about a few complications. Any Jaguar model manufactured prior to 2019 must have JLR’s InControl Touch Pro or Touch Pro Dual infotainment units with InControl Apps and WiFi. Also, pre-2019 models might not have the right USB ports. You can find out if your car qualifies by contacting your dealer.

Of course, you still have some Pioneer retrofit options, including the Pioneer SPH-DA120 Smartphone Receiver, which costs about $470, and the Pioneer SPH-DA120 Smartphone Receiver, which costs about $450. If you want to read up more about these retrofit options, check out Pioneer’s website here.

How to Setup and Use Your Jaguar CarPlay

If you need to set up your Jaguar CarPlay, just follow these steps:

  • Make sure your iPhone is unlocked and remains unlocked, since some cases auto-lock iPhones when closed.
  • Connect your iPhone to your car’s smartphone USB port.
  • If your InControl Apps aren’t already on, you’ll be prompted to open the app after connecting your phone.
  • On the touchscreen tap on InControl Apps. Apps that can be used must be approved by Jaguar.
  • You’ll be prompted to tap on “View” if you want your apps to have no audio, or “View and Listen” if you want audio to make phone calls, hear music, etc.

If you need further information about setting up your Jaguar CarPlay, visit Jaguar’s InControl User Guide found here.

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