Enhance your classic Porsche by adding Apple CarPlay.

CarPlay for Porsche

Porsche offers the Porsche Classic Communication Management (PPCM) and the (PPCM Plus) which allows you to seamlessly upgrade your analog classic radio. Now you can have the functionality of DAB for digital radio reception, Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto for connecting your smartphone to your classic Porsche. The PPCM is designed to match the vintage look and feel of the car and replaces the existing system.

You might be surprised at the cost of this technological upgrade. The pricing for the smaller PCCM is about $1,550 and $1730 for the PCCM Plus. And this doesn’t include the cost of installation.

You might be considering doing the installation yourself. But this is not a do it yourself project. A Porsche dealer is your best bet for installation. 

When you order your radio navigation system it includes the following:

  • Head unit
  • The radio keys to remove existing radio
  • Chrome knobs and Black plastic knobs
  • Mounting Velcro
  • Harness Adapter
  • Micro SD card adapter
  • Antenna for GSP
  • Media hub for ISB or iPod
  • Cables
  • Quick start guides
  • User Manuals

If you’re using a Nokia system, you will require another Nokia cable.

It is imperative that your Porsche have the factory radio harnesses in tack. If you have an after market radio, you may need to find an original set of harnesses to rewire your system. 

Also make sure to tell the installer you want your antenna placed in the right corner on the dash using a metal base plate for better performance.  If you are not sure where you want your microphone installed, check the dash for a dummy panel. It will work as a perfect place for the microphone. 

The Porsche Classic Communication Management (PCCM) 

Part number 91164559000 (EU) is available for the following Porsche models:

914 (1970-1976),
911 F (1965-1973),
911 G (1974-1989),
964 (1989-1994),
993 (1994-1998),
959 (1987-1988),
924 (1976-1988),
944 (1982-1991),
968 (1992-1995),
928 (1978-1991)

The Porsche Classic Communication Management Plus (PCCM Plus) 

Part number 99664259000 (EU) is available for the following models:

986 (1997-2004)
996 (1998-2005)

Unfortunately, the systems won’t work with the Porsche 977 generation and there are no plans to release one in the future. For more information on setting up Apple CarPlay and the cost to install a PCCM, feel free to contact your local Porsche dealer.

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