BMW Nerve Crumbles, Drops $80/Year Charge for CarPlay

In the biggest CarPlay news in months, BMW has dropped its $80-per-year charge to its customers to use (free) CarPlay.

This has been a thing that’s stuck in our craw here at CarPlay World, and seeing this news is refreshing, if not outright schadenfreude. We’ve hammered BMW for this over the years.

See our example exercise of how much you could pay for a BMW and not get CarPlay.

BMW was the only auto manufacturer of size to charge its customers, and perhaps the only one full stop, and because of this it stuck out. It was a marketing fiasco that acted as a lighting rod of criticism across the automotive world.

We in the automotive press heaped scorn on BMW for years, and it’s good to see them do the right thing, even if it was a full-on loss of nerve under pressure.

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