CarPlay Apps

What Are CarPlay Apps?

If you haven’t used Apple CarPlay, then you’re missing out on the latest bit of technology that’s designed to keep you safe while you drive. Unfortunately, in today’s technology-driven society, many people are addicted to their cell phones and cannot exist without their devices, even for a few minutes. Nowhere is this addiction more life-threatening than when you are driving. And that’s why Apple came out with CarPlay.

Using Apple CarPlay, you’ll be able to access certain safe apps on your iPhone while you are driving. Although you could use a car holder and mount your phone instead, there are consequences to mounting your phone. First, if you use a car mount, your notifications could still distract you while you are driving. Second, you’ll only be able to see a tiny screen, so you won’t be able to access many of your apps while you drive, anyway. 

However, with Apply CarPlay, you’ll be able to easily navigate Maps, safely reply to messages, select a song to listen to, and ask Siri questions, all while remaining hands-free.

CarPlay apps are a subset of iOS apps. They are regular iPhone apps that run on iPhones but made to run inside the CarPlay environment and are thus available on your car’s CarPlay screen.

You download them onto your iPhone just like any other iPhone app — by using the App Store.

Using Apple CarPlay Apps

When it comes to using apps in CarPlay, you won’t need to install anything into CarPlay. You download the apps that work with CarPlay on your iPhone. Then, when you connect your iPhone to CarPlay, you should be able to see all of your compatible apps on your CarPlay screen when you first start your car. 

CarPlay functions well with many apps you’ll find in your iOS-like Phone, Music, Messages, and Maps. However, CarPlay isn’t designed to only function with the most essential apps. Instead, CarPlay can also work well with several third-party apps, including iHeart Radio, WhatsApp, Audible, and Spotify. 


If you’re looking for a fantastic navigation app because you want something else besides Maps, then you can download a third-party app like Waze, for instance. Many people prefer Waze over Maps because Waze includes warnings about when police officers and accidents are both nearby. Keep in mind that you’ll need to be using iOS 12 and above to use any third-party navigation tool other than maps. 


Or, if you want to use a third-party music app like Pandora, then you need to download the app on your iPhone and select it the next time you use CarPlay. Once you’ve done that, you can switch from Apple Music to Pandora by merely selecting the app on your CarPlay screen. You should also ensure that you have iOS 12 and above before you do this. 

However, if you prefer using Apple Music because you have a subscription, then you can play songs using Siri when you are plugged into CarPlay. You can also play podcasts and audiobooks on CarPlay, too. 

Compared to Google’s “free” offering of apps on Android Auto, Apple is more restrictive and careful. That’s why so many of your apps for your iPhone won’t work well with CarPlay. Apple’s primary focus on CarPlay is the safety of the driver, so not every app you love will be safe enough to qualify for CarPlay.

CarPlay Apps CarPlay Music & Podcasts

Get the Best Music with CarPlay’s iHeartRadio App

Many people love having a large selection of AM and FM radio stations from around the planet, which is exactly what iHeartRadio can offer you. The latest version of iHeartRadio on CarPlay has a few near features that most listeners love. First, iHeartRadio’s latest update provides an easier-to-use version of the app for cars that have CarPlay. The iHeartRadio app is now very easy to navigate and control through CarPlay while you are on-the-go.

What Does iHeartRadio Offer CarPlay Users?

iHeartRadio’s popularity comes from its massive content offerings. You can listen to anything from talk radio to almost any AM/FM radio station and stream your favorite music online with CarPlay. In fact, over 1900 live stations are available to users of iHeartRadio before they even sign up for an account.

To get the best use out of iHeartRadio’s iPhone app, you do need to create your own account because you’ll be able to personalize the app’s offerings in CarPlay. iHeartRadio only works on CarPlay if you already have an account. The personalization options in iHeartRadio will help you find your favorite radio stations more easily. Signing up for iHeartRadio is easy, and you can do so either using your Email or Facebook account.

If you’ve used iHeartRadio on your iPhone before, then the app will be familiar to you when you utilize it with CarPlay. Also, you’ll find a few interesting things you can listen to, including late night television shows like Jimmy Kimmel and Conan O’Brien. Also, if you enjoy your morning news, you can listen to some other television news broadcasts for shows like Good Morning America. On top of that, you’ll get a list of thousands upon thousands of AM and FM radio stations you can stream that are located throughout the country.

Another nice feature of iHeartRadio is its “Today” view widget, which you can access in the Notification Center. If you’re using iOS 8, which has the widget support, then you’ll be able to use this feature. That widget allows you to easily access your recently played stations on iHeartRadio. You’ll see some quick links to those stations as well as station art and titles when you use the widget. If you tap on a station that’s in the widget, it will take you right to that station so you can start listening to it.

If you’re ready to download iHeartRadio, you can do so at the App Store.

How Do I Add iHeartRadio to Apple CarPlay?

If you’re ready to start using iHeartRadio with your Apple CarPlay, you just need to follow a few steps. We’ve got the steps listed for you below.

  • Using your mini lightening cable, connect your iPhone to your car.
  • Your car’s display will then go into Apple CarPlay.
  • From there, tap on the music tab on the bottom of the screen.
  • You’ll see all available music apps displayed on your phone.
  • From there, scroll until you find iHeartRadio’s app and tap on it.
  • After selecting iHeartRadio, the app will launch and you should see the app’s features on your CarPlay screen.